Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is It Still We The People, Or Has That All Somehow Changed

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Is it still said as "we the people" or has it somehow been changed to "we the corporate leaders"? Though our great nation may still be considered free for now,our rights and liberties are gradually being diminished in the hands of politicians and the corporations that control them.

Obviously, not everyone is going to feel the same way that I do aboutthis subject, and I’m OK with that, but there are millions of otherAmericans suffering and feeling the effects of having their rights taken away by aGovernment that’s unable or unwilling to give a damn about thepeople who should matter the most. The little man, the people who areout working hard every single day with little or nothing to show fortheir efforts. The men and women who pay higher taxes every year,while the corporate leaders pay less, get bonuses and get bailed outin times of crisis.

I'm not really sure why they still bother to ask us to vote, orwhat we are even voting for anymore. There is no such thing as apolitician that’s actually for the betterment of mankind, and forthe most part they’ve even stopped pretending to be. Politicianshave their own agendas they don’t need to know ours, and if youdon’t like it switch parties, where you will just find anotherpolitician that doesn’t concern himself with the worries of thecommon folk. 

There is no longer any real difference between theRepublican and Democratic parties, except for the lies they choose totell us, when it all comes down to the fine print they are all workingfor the major corporations not us, and our opinions means nothing at all.

Please, believe me when I say I want tostill trust in our Government, and consider that the wars we fightare for our protection and the betterment of mankind. But thatassumption has been eaten away by the consistent lying and all tofrequent coincidences surrounding the stories given to us by theGovernment.

Is it any real wonder why nearly every countryhates America? Try thinking of it on a much smaller level, when themajority of people you know tell you not to hang around a certainperson, isn’t there usually a pretty good reason for that. It’snot jealousy of your freedom I’ll tell you that much.

Corporate America cannot survive without the support of our leaders, nor can they prosperto unlimited expectations without completely controllingthe production and distribution of natural resources. Experienced and skilled professionals are no longer a necessity for the most part, we have been replaced with cheap labor andhi tech machines or software. We have dug a hole so great that thelittle man can no longer see the light, or grasp the reality of thepredicament that the big man looking down on us has put us into.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, not everyone isgoing to agree, every single person has their own perspective. I dobelieve though, that if you take a long hard look at society, how webegan to where we are now, you will surely see the downward spiral weare in.

There is no complete fix to our great nations situation, butwithout at least making an attempt to fix it, then it will alwaysremain completely broken. I am in no way against our Government ingeneral, I just fill that they have taken us down a road that’sdefinitely not in our best interest.

If the changes are going to bemade then they need to be made soon, keeping the interest of thepeople at heart and not the controlling corporations. These are justmy thoughts and opinions, but if they even open one personseye’s then it was worth the effort.

D.S. Duby


  1. Scott, I agree fundamentally with everything you said here. I too have little to no faith in our government and it just plain sad. Something needs to be done like yesterday! Since it hasn't it truly needs to be so very soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and know that someone (me) out there does agree!!

  2. Thanks for your response Janine I truly hope drastic changes come soon.

  3. Scott, we agree on many points. The government is set up to take care of its own, which is not the little person. One has to be rich to run in a campaign, that is a given fact. So, with only the wealthy running, how can the rest of us expect to be properly represented. We can't. In fact, we are in as much of a state of "taxation without representation" as we were before the Revolutionary War. Yet, the masses flock to vote for candidates that the Electoral College decides the winner of. Career politicians have been swayed and purchased like tools in a department store by corporation lobbying groups. Graft used to be illegal. Now, the words have been changed to legalize it, but it's still the same thing. I'm afraid the entire world is in for a revolution of types, where the downtrodden simply say, "We're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore." I'm waiting on it to happen any day. If the war on complacency ever gets off the ground, watch out! Good job!

  4. Wow, Scott. I am very impressed. This is one hell of a first blog post. Nicely done. Shared.

  5. I like the profile of your blog and well said indeed...money rules the world, my friend.

    Thus, whether it be politicians or industrialists...they always tend to have a common opinion on issues.