Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ode To Halloween

The fake blood is coagulating, the eyeballs are floating in the punch bowl, the finger fries are twitching and the decapitated heads are spinning, that's right the time to celebrate Samhain has arrived and he's ready to party. October 30-31, the only two days of the year that we're permitted to release our inner child, or in some cases inner demon, to frolic upon the earth extorting candy from strangers and TPing houses.

Regardless which one of the pagan gods you pay tribute to this year you're sure to bring in  a vast amount of fortune in chocolate and gummy candy whether it be dressed as a goblin, a zombie, a witch of even a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. We're all equals in the time of All-Hallows Eve despite the size of your candy sack.

So load up the mini-van mom, get those kids on the road for two short nights of begging and pleading and a months worth of tooth aches and tummy pains. As for me, my celebrating will have to wait till I get back from the store, I've somehow run out of toilet paper and eggs again.


  1. haha...well written Scott.

    Have a great halloween and let your inner child escape within you and create havoc around town ;)

  2. lol Thank you Ruchira, Happy Halloween to you too.